A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

A self build house in the making

Follow the process of how we are designing and building a new house ourselves - with help from all the right experts and trades.

Update May 2020 - We're still working on it!
Although the house is nearing completion (if that's ever possible!) and we're living in it, the blog is playing catch-up. More blog entries are being added all the time.

Friday 19th December 2014
(published/edited Friday 8th January 2016)

Interior woodwork Interior woodwork

The carpenter is the main trade on site at the moment.

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Thursday 18th December 2014
(published/edited Tuesday 10th November 2015)

Front door joinery arrival and installation Front door joinery arrival and installation

One of the most exciting parts of the house so far has arrived.

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Monday 15th December 2014
(published/edited Monday 5th October 2015)

Screed floor is dry - now comes the interior fit out Screed floor is dry - now comes the interior fit out

It's been a quieter few days on on site, while the screed drys. But now the main interior works can begin.

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Wednesday 10th December 2014
(published/edited Monday 14th September 2015)

Screeding the floor Screeding the floor

The climax to a manic few days on site, is the final flooring material being laid

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Tuesday 9th December 2014
(published/edited Tuesday 11th August 2015)

Underfloor heating pipes installed Underfloor heating pipes installed

Another big step towards having a nice warm home

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