A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell
Monday 8th December 2014
(published/edited Thursday 12th March 2015)

Floor damp-proofing and insulation

Now that the house is essentially dry, the flooring can be started.

To date, it's only been the oversite concrete floor which has been visible inside the house. All the internal scaffolding has been sitting on this surface, while the roof was erected, and the studwork for the partition walls sit directly onto this surface too.

The next step is to bring the floor up to the actual finished level, which involves a number of layers on top of the oversite.

Firstly there is an evenly spread layer of sand, which covers the whole house. On top of that, the 100mm foam insulation sheets have been placed - mostly as whole sheets but then with the remaining shapes cut to size as required. There have been two huge piles of the insulation sheets in the garden for a couple of days, but it didn't take long for the guys to work their way through these, to get them into the house.

With the whole house now insulated - like it's wrapped in a big warm blanket - you can definitely notice an immediate difference to the temperature inside, especially after the sun has been shining through the big front windows during the afternoon.

On top of that, the sound doesn't echo as much inside, so it even sounds like more like a home too.

Walking around on top of the insulation sheets, is quite a bouncey experience, although the next stage for the floor is to fit the underfloor heating and screed over the top. It feels like things are starting to speed up now and we're picking up some momentum.

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Great blog, look forward to seeing finished project.

Alan Trerise  on  Thursday, 7th May 2015  at  00:40

Thanks Alan - more blog entries coming soon… promise.

Oli  on  Tuesday, 17th January 2017  at  22:50

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