A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell
Monday 9th June 2014
(published/edited Tuesday 10th June 2014)

Getting connected… the old fashioned way

We are now hooked up to the waste water and sewerage network. Nice.

Friday was an eventful day. Not only did the rest of the boundary wall blue engineering bricks turn up unannounced - and had to be sent back - but we also had Wessex Water on-site to get us connected to the waste water and sewerage mains pipe, which runs right through the middle of the plot.

The pipe has been exposed for a few weeks, with a huge hole in the middle of the site. The connection was supposed to have been made a few days after the hole was originally dug, but unfortunately they wanted the builders to make it safer before spending any time working down there.

It didn't take them very long to cut through the ceramic pipe, which is about approximately 12" in diameter, with a big circular saw. I thought they were just going to make a small hole in the top, for us to connect into, but instead they removed a whole section of the pipe and replaced it with a 'Y' piece and secured it in place with rubber seals and metal bands.

I was also expecting there to be lot of 'organic matter' and strong smells while they were doing the necessary, but there was only a small amount of waste coming down pipe and I couldn't smell anything at all. Although I'm sure the guys working down in the hole would disagree! And they spent a good few minutes hosing themselves down afterwards! Yummo!

So, as you can see from the photos, we are now able to connect a pipe and run it up to the required location on the site, ready for hooking up our kitchen and bathroom waste. Quite a big tick in the box!

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