A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell
Wednesday 3rd December 2014
(published/edited Monday 16th February 2015)

Getting the roof watertight

The final layer of the roof is on which means we're watertight at last.

Originally the plan was to get the house finished by November at the latest so that all the roofing would be completed during the drier months.

We are still a long way off finishing the house but the roof is now pretty much done, just in time for the coldest and wettest time of year. The temperature has really dropped recently though and there has been plenty of rain which certainly hasn't helped progress.

The roof covering itself is a rubber membrane (EPDM) - apparently it's made from recycled car tyres, which is a nice Eco feature. It's been supplied to us in 3 large pre-sized rolls, which the roofers have been sticking to the roof boarding. The overall size of the roof is much larger than it seems, from ground level, and the rolls of rubber are immensely heavy - although a lot lighter than concrete roof tiles.

As the weather has been so wet recently, they've been removing the weather-protection polythene in small sections and drying out the boards with gas-flame torches, before applying the glue and sticking down the rubber. I must admit I'm quite concerned this method, at this time of year, but they assure me everything will be fine and the strength of the glue means it wont be going anywhere. Fingers crossed.

The roof is now pretty much done and watertight although there are edges which need finishing off nicely and the Velux roof windows have to be fitted yet, but that is for another day.

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