A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell
Tuesday 30th September 2014
(published/edited Wednesday 21st June 2017)

If you go down to the site today…

There are some new developments you'll be sure to find.

Recently it's been little developements in various places, rather than any one big chunk of progress.

Here are some little updates from what's been going on...

Blocks above the steels

Now that the steelwork is all in place, they've been able to start laying blocks on top of the main horizontal I-Beams which form the house frontage. As the roof is reversed from the usual design (this is a 'butterfly' roof) it means the front and back of the house will higher than the center section.

At the moment they have done 4 courses of the inner skin - you can see in the photo, the wall ties and the pieces of insulation which have been attached on/around the steel beams to help keep things cosy.

Kitchen window

The lintel has been put in above the kitchen window and the 'drip tray' has also been laid above that. From inside the house, it's nice to see the actual size of the window now, and what the view will be like when you're standing at the sink doing the washing up. So domesticated!

Rear boundary wall

Although there is still has a lot more work required on it, the wall is slowly coming to the point of being completed along the rear of the plot. I think people who walk their dogs passed the plot miss being able to have a nose at the progress, but I'm glad it's almost safe and secure along that boundary.

Trench for services

We now have a trench running down one side of the plot, from the near the front door, right down to the edge of the plot by the pavement. We will be having all the utilities (water, gas, electricity, telephone) running up to the house in the same trench.

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