A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell
Friday 19th December 2014
(published/edited Friday 8th January 2016)

Interior woodwork

The carpenter is the main trade on site at the moment.

There is so much interior workwork to be done - much more than I'd appreciated for sure.

Although most of the interior walls are made from concrete blocks, there are a few which are going to be timber partions.

Hall and Second Bedroom

At the design stage, we specified (she specified) an additional storage cupboard in the hallway. It's a good idea actually and will be a very useful place to store coats and shoes, as well as other things like camping gear etc. which will be easily accessible from the hallway.

To accommodate this, a large concrete lintel has been placed over this opening and the cupboard is being constructed in timber studwork.

As an additional item - although we thought it was already included in the spec as it's shown on the drawing - we've also asked for a built-in wardrobe in the second bedroom. It's not essential, but it will make good use of the space between the back of the hall cupboard and the unusual diagonal wall at the end of the room.

Main Bedroom

Again, another confused additional item, is a built-in double wardrobe for the main bedroom. We've decided to make use of the high ceiling here and add another storage cupboard above it. This will be great for storing bedding and things like suitcases. Basically, this will be our loft space! Lots of downsizing and clearing of junk will be required though!


All interior doorways in the house, need to have a 'surround' fitted. This is basically 3 pieces of nice pine, which will be a painted finished surface, onto which the doors will be hung.


As the house has been design and built to have what's called a "warm roof", all the roof trusses are currently visible, as well as the underside of the plywood deck above.

The carpenter has added battens at right-angles to the trusses, throughout the whole house, which will be used to fix the plasterboard ceilings.

It will almost be a shame to have to hide all this detail behind the plasterboard.

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