A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell
Wednesday 29th October 2008
(published/edited Sunday 17th March 2013)

Planner’s lukewarm response

Initial approach to planners receives 'lukewarm' response in relation to new proposal.

Having made the council planners aware of the main sewer issue, we have so far received a lukewarm response. They are concerned that the street scene will be adversely affected and that the building works will negatively affect the neighbouring property.

Well yeah (duh) it's a building site. I'm sure it will be very annoying for about 9 months... but if you live in a house next to a plot of potential building land, this will always be a possibility. And as for the street scene - well, it's hardly a picturesque chocolate box village; rather a typical 1970's suburban housing development. In my opinion, not somewhere you can easily 'spoil' - especially if you are planning on making the property look the same as the others anyway. Hmmm, I can tell this project is going to get me wound up!!

Obviously this is only an initial probe to gauge their thoughts, but it's quite a disappointing reaction. I'm trying not to be too affected by it as there isn't even anything on paper yet - and I'm sure there will be plenty of bigger set-backs and disappointments along the way - so I have to keep things in perspective. I am trying to remain hopeful that things will go smoothly (ha ha ha).

*deep breath* And relax!

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