A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell
Thursday 5th June 2014
(published/edited Thursday 5th June 2014)

Planning permission for design changes granted

Tonight we are celebrating with a nice bottle of wine, as we've gained planning permission for the design changes we submitted a few weeks ago.

It's taken quite a few weeks - as expected - but we can now officially proceed to build everything as required.

Due to the way things have turned out, we needed to reposition the house on the plot, tweaked the design slightly and firm up the design of the retaining wall & boundary wall.

If you've read the previous blog entries, you'll know that we had a nightmare of a time trying to get the original house design (with integrated retaining walls and house exterior walls) passed the warranty provider. They weren't comfortable giving us a warranty for the tanking (to prevent water/damp getting into the house) and the tanking provider wanted a lot of money to give us a warranty themselves! Don't ask coz I still don't understand it either!

So, we've had to move the house away from the boundary by 700mm so that we have separate retaining walls and exterior walls. This means that there will be a small alley that runs around the back of the house - which will probably come in useful for storing logs. It's not ideal, it's meant more expenditure on design work & drawing amendments; additional structure engineering to work out to build the walls and foundations; and additional costs to build the boundary wall, when we were originally hoping to just build a sturdy fence. As it is, we were continuing at our own risk before the permission was granted.

But... at least we can now crack on and get on with it. Thankfully, this is another hurdle jumped.

Wall Progress

Now that there are builders on-site pretty much every day - unless the weather is really wet - things are moving at a much better pace.

The damaged wall, where some of the footpath had crumbled and knocked a lot of the blocks over, has now been cleaned up and repaired. That whole corner has pretty much been done and it's looking nice and solid.

The blue engineering brick boundary wall is going up pretty quickly too. Every day another section is done and it looking very smart.

Weather hasn't been great recently, so the site is still really muddy... but it's get a chance to dry out occasionally on the few sunny days we're getting.

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