A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell
Monday 15th December 2014
(published/edited Monday 5th October 2015)

Screed floor is dry - now comes the interior fit out

It's been a quieter few days on on site, while the screed drys. But now the main interior works can begin.

It's been months of mess, mud and builder's stuff everywhere across the whole site, but now that the screed is dry, it's nice to have a clean blank canvas inside the house.

It really does feel like a new house now, with the clean floors and walls, ready to start the final finishing and kitting-out with the electrics and plumbing.

As the inside of the house has been off-limits for a few days, some of the exterior works have continued.

The wooden battens around the upper levels of the blockwork have been added, which is where the timber cladding will be attached. This gives some boundaries for the eye to visualise where the external materials will be positioned, although we'll be seeing grey blocks for a while yet.

Also, the corner of the neighbour's brick wall has been repaired. It was already a little damaed but we had to remove the corner of it to get our foundations for the retaining wall in and our boundary wall built.

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