A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell
Wednesday 10th December 2014
(published/edited Monday 14th September 2015)

Screeding the floor

The climax to a manic few days on site, is the final flooring material being laid

It's been a mad rush in the last few days, to get everything done in time for the floor screed to be laid. Apparently they are always busy people (the screeders) and if you miss a booked slot, it might be a while before they're available again. So the builders and plumbers have been busily getting everything prepared - sometimes working in the dark (by torchlight) to get things finish. Much appreciated from my point of view. Although I hope the underfloor heating pipes joints have been done properly!

A huge sheet of plastic was spread out across the driveway last night, in readiness for the screed to be delivered early this morning. As has often happened during this build, a big lorry has turned up before 8am to drop off a load of materials for the build. It's quite a strange building material - neither dry nor wet - a sort of powdery sandy damp concrete mix.

I think there are something like 8 tonnes of it, which had to be manually wheelbarrowed up to the house and tipped into position. A couple guys were constantly loading barrows up and pushing them up the garden path and into the house. Then there was another guy indoors, starting at the furthest point away from the door, levelling out the screed across the rooms and giving it all an amazingly level surface.

The whole process looked like hard work and it all had to be done in a single day, so everything can dry together over the next few days. There wont be any builders on site for a few days until it is hard enough to walk on.

Seeing everything disappear under this final coating has been like the icing on a cake. Although there are many more layers of this cake to made yet, before we can taste a slice.

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