A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell
Friday 5th September 2014
(published/edited Thursday 2nd October 2014)

Time for some scaffolding

The first batch of scaffolding is erected so the higher levels of block-work can be built.

Now that the rear walls of the house have been built to just above head-height, scaffolding has been installed so that work can continue higher up.

For the moment, it's just been placed along the rear alley and down the side of the house, as this is being built first, with the front of the house coming along afterwards.

It only took a couple of hours for the scaffolding to go up and then a while longer to get the blocks loaded out on top, ready for them to be laid next week. I've had a walk around, as it's great to be able to see the whole build from an entirely new perspective.

I must admit I'm a little conerned with the number of blocks they've loaded out onto the scaffolding planks - but I'm sure it's been designed to take such loads. And they are only the internal thermal blocks anyway, which are much lighter, so they should be okay.

The scaffolding will serve a double purpose at this stage too, as it will make it possible to finish the boundary wall along the back, so hopefully we should be able to get that finished sometime soon too.

Other little developments

A small, but significant development, is that the electricity meter box has now been built into the outside wall - just around the corner from the front door, so it's not on full view.

You can see the white plastic tube running up into the bottom of the box, where the cables will be brought in from the outside world. Apparently, this tube is called a "hockey stick"! Purely because of its shape, I assume. At the bottom, it curls out like the bottom of a hockey stick. I think I need to start a Glossary section on this Blog, as there are so many builder's terms and random phrases which I'm picking up along the way.

Seeing grey

Although it's great to see everything going up quite quickly now, I'm really looking forward to seeing another colour on-site apart from grey!

I love the blue engineering bricks we've used around the boundary and for below finished floor level, but everything is so grey at the moment, it's sometimes difficult to make out the shapes, levels and depths. It tends to blend into one big mass, when looking across the site from certain angles. All in good time I guess.

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