A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Anti Fly-Tipping Fencing Erected

Have put up some semi-temporary fencing to help prevent fly-tipping on site.

Most of the site has a brick wall around - but there are places where it has crumbled or fallen away, so people were accessing the site and loitering or dumping rubbing.

One option was to use some of the usual wire mesh style fencing that you often see around building sites, but I figured the costs of hiring this indefinitely would probably be more expensive than then putting up some panel fencing in the affected areas.

So, yesterday and today, we put up some 5 foot high panels - bought from a national builders merchants - just to help keep people out and to stop people emptying trailer loads of rubbish. Hopefully it will hold long enough, until we actually start to build. Some of the neighbours have said that there have been numerous cases of vandalism in the area, and I'll be lucky if it doesn't get burned down. Let's hope it stays put!

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