A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Big News: House now up for sale

My 2 bed house in Swindon is now on the market. Roll up! Roll up!

It's taken a few months to get everything finished - lots of decorating and finishing touches - but my home-sweet-home in Swindon is now up for sale. Fingers crossed for a quick sale, so I can crack on with this self build.

I can't start without selling this place, as I need all the equity in the property to pay for a chunk of the new house. I was hoping the mortgage lender could get me started on the project, before actually selling, but it turns out (in these new tough mortgage lending times) that they want it sold first, before considering lending me any cash. Hmph!

In order to save some dough - I've put it up for sale with a web-based estate agent called House Simple www.housesimple.co.uk

They charge a (low) fixed rate so I don't have to fork out shed loads to an agent once it sells. They put the house on all the property websites (like Rightmove etc) which is where everybody looks for places these days anyway. 😊 So, why give away 1% of the property value to a traditional estate agent, when you can get the whole thing done for a fixed price of about £400?!

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