A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Damp proof membrane phase of the slab construction

Thin layer of plastic sheeting will prevent damp from rising up into the floor of the house.

Once the final loads of sand had be spread out and compacted on top of the ballast, to form a suprisingly firm surface, the whole construction was covered with thick polythene.

The polythene is supplied in rectangular sheets, so given that our house is quite and usual shape, there was some trimming and shaping to be done to get everything to fit nicely. On top of that, the plastic sheeting had to be cut and folded around the raised blocks which form the internal walls. Any cuts and folds have then been taped back together to maintain the waterproof seal.

As the concrete is being delivered tomorrow, things have been a little hurried at the last minute, to get things prepared. Hopefully everything has been done properly and no corners haven't been cut! *wince*

You can see in the photos, that the builders have made up some wooden beams, which are laying across the walls. These are just to make sure that when the concrete is poured, the finished surface is levelled out to the correct depth.

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