A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Fiddlers on the roof

Lots of action on the roof to get the rest of the Velux roof windows installed.

The roof windows are such key part of the house design - by bringing in some much needed light to the back rooms - so it's great to see their installation all nearing a point of completion.

There are a number of stages involved:

  • Cut through the layers of the roof construction (timber sheets, insulation, rubber membrane).
  • Construst the timber upstand and fix to the structure around the opening.
  • Mount and fix the Velux unit onto the upstand.
  • Re-apply the trimmed rubber membrane and additional rubber strips to fully seal the window against water ingress.

Although there are no funny shapes to deal with and everything is at 90-degree angles, there are still a lot of changes to direction to deal with. The guys have been very thorough with sticking down the rubber and I can see them getting through plenty of glue!

The effect inside the house is great. The amount of light coming in through the windows is already making a big difference. I'm really glad these windows are availble as an option, otherwise we probably wouldn't have been able to design the house in the way it has been, without it being quite a dark experience.

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