A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Final structural roof elements and visual details

It's all constructed from timber, but lots of time is required to get the roof finished, before it can be made watertight.

Even though the base layer of plywood, insulating foam and the top layer of OSB have been secured across the roof trusses and rafters, there are still various details which need adding to the roof.

Sedum roof tray upstands

As we shall eventually (hopefully) be installing sedum planting to the roof, using a tray system, the roof is being built to accomodate these trays now. We probably wont be doing it for a year or so, but there is a parapet being built along the front and rear roof apexes, which will shelter sedum from the weather.

Running along the edges of roof (left and right), a timber upstand is being constructed. These will hold the sedum trays in place and also hide their edges. We should be able to see the sedum plants above these upstand though, once the plants get growing nicely.


One of the jobs which have opted to take on board ourselves, is to paint the facia board timbers. It's an easy job to do and just requires the right tools and a little time.

The raw planed softwood timber required treating with copious amounts of prevervative, so we give them all two coats, before painting them with a couple of coats of combined primer and gloss paint. We chose black to match the colour of the final roof membrane - a black rubber.

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