A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

House walls (going up)... rain water drainage (going down)

Lots of progress in both directions in two weeks.

Things are really starting to pick up some pace now. There have been four guys on-site most of the time recently - two working on the house walls and two on the drainage & labouring.

The rear wall is now at normal ceiling height, pretty much, although we'll be going up higher than usual because the roof pitch is inverted (butterfly roof) and the ceilings will be vaulted inside (if that's the correct term). We now have an end wall for the main bedroom and some of the internal walls are coming up quickly too.

There is an outline for a window in both bedrooms too. It feels a little bit strange looking out of the window holes in the bedrooms, as it's starting to feel like an actual house now, rather than just a collection of construction stages and piles of blocks.

Also, piping has been laid near the front door and along the west side of the house, which will be connected to the downpipes, to carry the water away from the roof. These will eventually lead to a soakaway somewhere in the middle of the garden.

The back alley, is now looking like quite a spooky corridor. I'm sure the spiders are going to love it down there when it's finished!

I think things are really going to take shape quite swiftly this month.

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