A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

More plasterboarding - it feels like home already

A big visual change to the whole interior

The 8' x 4' sheets of plasterboard can fly up when there's no cutting, trimming or shaping to be done and on the whole, the main living area almost feels ready to live in!

However, there are lots of fiddly bits to work around and make neat, including windows, sockets, switches, the angled ceiling, cupboards and doors.

It feels strange and a shame to hide away all the core structure (blocks) and workings (cables and pipes) behind these boards. On the other hand, it already feels drier and warmer in the house and the acoustics have changed entirely. It's no longer echoey but sound is now much softer. You can hear the silence now - there is a lot less noise coming in from outside somehow. Maybe it's just an illusion.

It hard not to get excited about the white walls now and imagine where all the furniture is going to go.

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