A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Moving on to the next stage of the design process

I met with the architects today to discuss the next stage of the design process.

So, now that the planning permission is agreed, and we have some nice design visuals on paper, it's time to move forward and get this house designed "for real".

At the moment, the designs are effectively just detailed sketches. In order actually build the house, we need to get the foundations, structure and services designed in fine detail and drawn up. This will be quite a long process but will enable builders to give quotes for the build. Also, there are a number of conditions, that have been stipulated as part of the planning permission. These include the usual things like the material samples and agreements with Highways and party wall agreements - but also, somewhat surprisingly, a landscaping plan. This will need to show what exists on the site and what we shall be planting once the build is complete.

Today I met with the architects, to discuss the services they are able to offer, with regards to the above processes. They are competent in their abilities - and obviously have detailed knowledge of the design, site and the planning department in the local authority - but I think I shall be contacting other companies too, to see what other options are available. Architect's rates are typically going to be higher than an independent builder or project manager, and as I'm working on a tight budget, we shall see who else might be able to help.

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