A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

New “Butterfly Roof” Design Sketches

New design for the house is dropped down into the site and has a butterfly roof scheme

In order to hopefully overcome issues with the overall height of the property, when it comes to gaining planning permission, it has been decided that the house should be dropped-down into the plot a fair amount. As the plot is slightly inclined and the plan is to put the house at the upper end, we need to lower the foundation of the house.

Additionally, to keep the roof as low as possible, a "butterfly wing" design has been created for the roof. They will point downwards into a central gully where water will be drained away. The roof pitches themselves, will be planted with sedum to help reduce water-runoff and also to camouflage the property somewhat.

It's looking pretty cool I think. Am still expecting a fuss from the neighbours however, when planning permission time comes. Wince!

Next entry: Planning permission application submitted (Tuesday 18th August 2009)

Previous entry: A spot of gardening to keep the neighbours happy (Friday 29th May 2009)

A well laid roof garden is definitely the eco way to go, even better if you can get free fruit and veg!

angela  on  Saturday, 9th July 2011  at  14:01

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