A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Plastering progress

Lots of plastering progress in a very short space of time - the interior walls are being finished very quickly.

We can see lots of breeze blocks disappearing behind sheets of plasterboard and lots of plasterboard disappearing behind skimmed wet plaster at the moment. It's all happening very quickly so it feels like great progress to see it all happening every day before our eyes.

With all the large expanses of white plasterboard mounted onto the breeze block walls, the rooms almost feel completely finished. But once the wet skimmed plaster covers these up again, the smell of wet plaster gives a whole other feel and I get the feeling of the finish line fast approaching.

It's also great to see all the smaller details standing out as well - like the power socket & light switch recesses; the log burner corner (where a different heatproof plaster will be applied); the beautifully finished Velux roof window openings; and the window opening & sill details.

The skimmed plaster is like marble to the touch when dry. I don't know how the builders have managed to get it so smooth and uniform all over, but they have done a cracking job. It totally possible to imagine these as finished painted walls already.

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