A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Progress with building the house footprint and slab

More blocks and layers going down for the house foundation

The complete outline of the house is now formed with blocks, so now we can see exactly how big (modest) it will all be. It feels quite strange to be able to completely walk right the way around the house.

So, inside the blockword, we have a layer of ballast and a now a layer of compressed sand. This covers the waste water drainage pipes which come from the bathrooms and kitchen. In the photos, you can see where the pipes enter/exit the house... so already it feels like the house is starting to become connected to local neighbourhood.

The next step is to add the damp proof membrane, which will ultimately separate the living space of the house from the ground below.

Next entry: Damp proof membrane phase of the slab construction (Wednesday 13th August 2014)

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