A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Skimming with wet plaster

The first day of plastering the walls to give the final finish

Today I was expecting just to see more plaster boarding done around the house - but when we went out to have a nose at the day's progress, the whole of the main bedroom had been skimmed.

The whole room feels dark again now, as the plaster is a dark salmon pink / rusty brown colour. Most of it looks wet but you see some patches drying out already. The smell is good too - damp and earthy. The atmosphere of the room has changed again.

The guys have managed to give the finished surface a smooth-as-marble sheen which feels great. I have no idea how they do this, so will have to make sure I watch them in action over the next week or two.

The inside of the wardrobe and cupboard - which will be one of our 'loft' spaces - are yet to be done but one of the best features they have managed to achieve is the radius on the ceiling. There is a small flat section at highest point of the ceiling and they have radiused off where it joins the angled roof. You almost don't notice the change in direction now between the faces.

Another thing that I wasn't expecting, is how they've plastered up to the door frames. I think I was expecting the door frame timbers to pertrude out beyond the plaster surface, but they have skimmed up flush to the door frame. I can't yet visualise how the door frames will be constructed around / onto these.

The tidy finish around the window recess and to the Velux window too is top notch. I'm glad these guys know what they're doing!

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