A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

The retaining wall continues

Some heavier engineering is required to build the mail retaining wall structure.

This week the steel reinforcing cage was made on-site, which will be used to strengthen the footing for the main retaining wall. It was then manoeuvered into the trench, using the JCB, into the deepest-dug length of trench along the public footpath and covered with concrete which was delivered to site.

Apparently this particular concrete is made specially, in accordance with the structural engineer's specifications, to withstand the forces being placed upon it by the soil it's designed to hold back. It has to be delivered to site by a concrete manufacturer and poured in one hit. This ensures it sets altogether in one go, around the steel cage, to make it as strong as possible.

However, as you can see from the photos, we had a small collapse from the footpath, after some heavy rain overnight. Hopefully the steel bars haven't been damaged and the concrete had had a chance to set nicely before being impacted by the soil.

You can also see in the photos, the three courses of blue engineering bricks. These will be partially on show above the landscaping, which will run between the garden path and retaining wall, once everything is finished. I really like the look of these bricks - the colour and the smooth texture - and will offer a nice contrast between the white render, the green shrubs & grass and the paving materials.

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Glad to see you are finally on your way! Look forward to seeing it go up. Was EcoBuild any good?

torsten  on  Thursday, 3rd April 2014  at  19:41

Hi Torsten,
Thanks - yes I can recommend visiting the EcoBuild show next year, if you are in the market for eco products. Lots to see and it’s really useful to be able to chat with suppliers face-to-face.
Your self build looks really exciting. Awesome location!

Oli  on  Tuesday, 8th April 2014  at  12:54

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