A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Today… is Day 1

It's taken 5 and a half years to get to this day.

It's been a smoother process than some people experience - not too much battle with getting planning permission thankfully… just getting the mortgage sorted has been a nightmare due to the credit crunch, so I've had to be very patient and keep plugging away.
But here we are.

Yesterday the signage and portaloo were put on site. The digger was supposed to be here too, but it didn't materialise.

But today it arrived and as it was rolled off the lorry, and crawled it's way up the grass bank it felt like a realise of pressure.

Although this stage isn't actually to start building, it's about clearing the site of all the brambles and rubbish, so a topographical survey can be performed.

This basically maps out all the existing levels of the site and provides the builder with some datums to work from. These then have to be submitted to Planning (one of the conditions to be satisfied before we can start) so they can see where the land is now, and where it will be when the build's complete.

The datums will also be used by the builder, so he can make sure the vertically position of the house is correct, to comply with the planning permission. They will determine how deep the hole will need to be dug for the house itself, and therefore the foundation trenches.

Seeing as my office window looks directly towards the site, from the back of the neighbouring house that we're renting, I can see I might not get much work done this week!

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