A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Underfloor heating pipes installed

Another big step towards having a nice warm home

Amazingly, all the piping for the underfloor heating has been laid today as well - these boys don't hand around!

As I mentioned before, there are 7 zones in total, so the guys have had to put a lot of though into making sure everything is laid out and connected properly back at the manifold in the cupboard. With all the pipes involved and only a limited amount of space, it's quite an achievement - but they're done this dozens of times before so know what's required.

In the video you can see it takes a bit of thought to bring the pipe off the manifold, into the room (zone) and then back again in the opposite direction. The pipe itself is a tough flexible plastic (it looks like a polypropylene but I could be wrong) so can take the stresses of being walked into place with some soft shoes!

In the usual way that I do, I've been asked lots of questions. Apparently they only ever fit a single length of pipe in each zone if they can, and then there are no joins required, which might become a weak spot. Should any leaks occur - which is what everyone asks - that section of pipe can be cut and new section spliced in.

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