A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

We have a wall (or the beginnings of)

Now that a length of concrete footing is in place, the first blocks have gone down and a retaining wall is starting to grow.

It's been an exciting few days on site, in a geeky sort of way. Although this still only classed as ground works or landscaping (in my opinion), it's great to see the beginnings of something actually being built.

Yesterday morning we had a delivery of concrete breeze blocks, smooth blue engineering bricks, plenty of sand and bags of cement. By the end of today, we have the first blocks laid and the retaining wall is underway.

This short length of wall doesn't need to be too hefty, as it's supporting the shallower end of the public footpath, which less than 1.4m in height. It will still consist of two skins of block with a steel bar & concrete infill, so it doesn't need to be as strong as the other retaining walls around the perimeter of site.

These will need to have a more substantial footing - with a heal & toe to help prevent the soil pushing it away, or over. There will also be a steel bar cage made on site, which will be place in the foundation hole and have tougher concrete poured over.

So, the footpath retaining wall will be continue to be worked on over the next few days... watch this space for more photos.

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