A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Choosing tiles for the bathroom floors and walls

With the en-suite bathroom walls now all complete, it's time to get them tiled before the plumber fits the units

The interior works to the house are full-steam ahead now, with different trades working their magic - sometimes at the same time.

We are now on a deadline to get the bathrooms tiled out (to a point) so the plumber can fit the sanitary units on top. We shall only need to complete certain sections - where the actual units will sit - but that does obviously mean we have to choose and buy the tiles and then actually do the work to get them fitted.

We've had a fairly solid idea what kind of style we'd like the en-suite to be, but the main bathroom isn't finalised yet. We're getting plenty of inspiration from photos online, catalogues and showrooms, but we'll have to make a decision quite soon, to get the tiles ordered and fitted in good time.

Tile shopping

The choice of tiles available out there can be overwhelming. There is such a broad range of styles, colours, materials and finishes available it really does fry your brain when you're out browsing. And it would be very easy to spend an absolute fortune as well, if you're not focused and disciplined.

With the en-suite tiles, it has helped immensely knowing pretty much exactly the style we're looking for. A natural looking, pale beige, travetine style which will feel warming and calming in a small space, but where lots of surface is covered. We like the larger sized tile, which I think will make the small room feel larger. Plus the bonus means less grouting work too!

Although actual travertine looks amazing, it's also more expensive and you also have the chore of having to seal it properly. It will no doubt take more looking after over the years as well.

However, there are dozens of similar looking man-made tiles that are very similar - clearly aimed at people like us who want that style but aren't able to spend travertine money.

Sometime it can be a difficult balance between spending enough per square metre to get a really nice looking tile, without going crazy, while at the same time not getting a tile that looks too plain or cheap. Personally I'd rather spend a bit more for the quality and be happier with it for the long term, than spend too little and have regrets later on.

The main bathroom is a little more of a challenge (right now) because we don't have such a clear vision in our minds of what we'd like. We be premoninantly looking at larger pale grey tiles for the floor, and possibly a brighter colour or white for the walls. A few options have are being considered - and thankfully as the bathroom is only small, it wont completely break the bank if we go for something a little pricier.

Decision made

Having spent a little time browsing all the options, we were very lucky to stumble across exactly the right size and colour tile for the en-suite walls in Wickes. It was almost fate that they had a special offer on these tiles, which were piled high by the door on the way in! And they're made in the UK too, which is nice, as so many tiles are made overseas - it's nice to support the UK manufacturers and it's more eco too (less shipping miles).

Tiles bought - car loaded up - jobs sorted for the weekend!

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