A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell
Saturday 14th March 2009
(published/edited Sunday 17th March 2013)

Fly Tipping On Site

Have been notified of fly tipping on site - twice!

This week I received 2 letters from different people about fly tipping on the site.

The first was a nice polite letter from the local town council informing me that there has been "quite a bit of fly tipping" and requesting that I kindly clean up the mess and to possibly erect a fence to prevent it happening again. No problem - I needed to fence off the site anyway to make sure I am covered by the site insurance policy. Ask nicely and ye shall receive.

The second (received on the following day) was a stern letter from district council (environmental enforcement) telling me the "land has become heavily contaminated with fly tipped waste and heavy lettering". Talk about a difference in language! Plus this letter goes on at length to talk about time scales for cleanup and quotes the "Environmental Protection Act" and threatens a fine for non-compliance. A little over the top and heavy handed I think. Typical knee-jerk impersonal methods of higher levels of government! Not the first time I have heard of such letters. Threaten and ye shall begrudgingly comply with bitter taste in one's mouth.

So anyway, yes I shall have to visit the site and see what the damage is. And yes, I shall have to get the fence sorted to keep everyone happy. Fun!

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