A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Planning difficulties, slow progress and design changes

Some issues with the current design and lack of progress with the planners, has changed the strategy a little.

I had a meeting with the Architects again today, to discuss the few tweaks that have been made to the design and the overall lack of progress with the local planning department.

Although they have received some feedback from the planners - which has led to a new roof design and a proposal to drop the build down into the ground a little - progress is generally slow. So it has been decided that the design should be drawn up and a formal planning application made to get the ball rolling in a definitive direction.

There is some apprehension as to whether the application will be approved, but at least we shall have some more concrete information on which to make further design modifications (should they be needed). New designs should be available to check out here within a few weeks.

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