A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Preparing the ingredients for the house-building recipe

Getting the concrete blocks in place ready to start building some walls

The concrete that was poured on Thursday morning, didn't take very long to harden. On Friday, the builders loaded up piles of concrete blocks on top of the new slab, ready for starting to build the actual walls of the house, next week.

We had some more rain overnight, so to keep the blocks dry, they laid out some pallets on top of engineering bricks, to keep them above ground.

From this point on - even though we can see the outline of house and get a feel for the rooms already - we'll actually be able to see exterior and interior walls going up.

Things feel quite open and spacious at the moment, but I wonder how it will feel once the walls start going up? I'm sure things will start to feel small again soon, once some physical boundaries are in place. But maybe having the ceilings still open to the elements, will be quite deceiving.

Nosey neighbours

Obviously there has been ongoing interest from the neightbours about how things are coming along and - as we have public footpaths on 3 sides of the plot - there have been lots of people stopping to have a nose while walking passed with their dogs or on the way home from work.

Now that the slab is in place, there has definitely a heightened level of discussions being had, while they stop of have a look at progress. I've often overheard people comment about how small it is - but I wonder if that's because they are looking down from a height (as we're down in a hole).

It's great that people like to see how things are coming along - as I know I do the same when nosing at other people's building projects!

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