A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

The calm after the storm

After a week of countrywide rain and horrific storms, here's a quick update on what's been happening on-site.

The British weather has been woeful for weeks now, but this week will take some beating.

As you can see from these photos, there was a small window of sunshine last weekend and today (Sunday) but it's been nothing but driving rain and gales all week. Being inland, it's been nothing like that experienced on the south coast and thankfully we've not had any flooding like that in Somerset.

More of the old wooden panel fencing has been blown down. The site is water-logged and very muddy, although it's not turned into a lake so the natural drainage must be pretty good. The builder's Heras fencing was blown over along the back of the site (on Valentine's day) so we had a romantic trek out into the storm late at night to pick it up and make it more secure. On top of that the builder's on-site toilet (portaloo) was blown over! I've opted to let them deal with that on Monday. Not sure I want to venture anywhere near that!!

The working conditions have been tough this week - we even had a flurry of snow at one point. Kev the groundworker had to dig himself (in the JCB) out of the ground on one day. The lorries have continued to take the muck (spoil) away but as everything is so wet, the weight has been approx 16 tonnes per load rather than 12... and we are being charged an additional £25 per lorry load. We are well on target to exceed 50 lorry loads to be removed from site I think. Expensive.

I did receive a glimmer of light this week - to help save some money - by way of a friend of a friend needing to fill an old swimming pool with soil. A shame we didn't here about this a few weeks ago, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. However, we've not been able to make contact with them yet. 

I also received a phone call from the local golf course on Friday, to say they'd be interested - after I sent out some speculative emails last week, in attempt to see if anyone else might want the soil. As long as we can get the lorries up their service road, it should be a goer... but that remains to be seen.

Fingers crossed (again). There seems to be a lot of finger-crossing on this project so far.  :-)

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