A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Filming for SelfBuilder TV show today

Lights! Camera! Action! I'm appearing in a slot for a new self build TV show.

Although being quite reluctant to participate, when being initially contacted by Mike Rowbottom from SelfBuilder.tv a couple of weeks ago, I decide "what the hell" and took the plunge.

Today Mike spent a 2-3 hours chatting and filming with me and the drawings for the new house, at my place in Swindon. Some shots involved talking about the plans and sketches... some involved looking at photos of the plot and the progress made so far... and there were also some interview style questions about why I'd chosen to do a self build etc.

I'm not particularly camera shy - thanks to dad's camcorder exploits at home and on holiday when we were kids - but it was still a little nerve racking. Bigger camera. Some lighting. Re-takes of some questions. A bit more involved than "point-and-shoot". Afterwards, Mike went down to Warminster to shoot some footage at the plot itself.

I know the show itself wont exactly be "Grand Designs" (I did apply, but I guess my Design isn't Grand enough for Channel 4) as it will only be appearing some obscure satellite channels... but it might boost the exposure of this blog and who-knows what else. Onwards and upwards.

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