A self build house project diary
by Oliver Cannell

Final day of site clearance - felling the willow tree

Site Clearance (Day 3) - The final remaining thing cleared from the site, is the willow tree in the front.

All the greenery and waste has now been cleared from site and the only remaining job to do, was clear the willow tree from the front. This has already been causing problems with the sewerage pipes in the area, and luckily all the neighbours have been asking me about it's future. Luckily they were all keen to see it removed, even though I think some people liked the way it looked in the street. Not to worry, it will be replaced with some more suitable trees - which are less problematic and easier to maintain.

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Wish you luck with your first build ... it’s so worth it in the end.

We’ve just completed our first self build ... details and pics can be found at http://www.ruralgardener.co.uk



John  on  Sunday, 29th August 2010  at  20:29

You are making good progress now. I don’t know what the material to be excavated is like on your site but mine was very soily. The haualge company gave me a big reduction in price because they took it to a soil screener instead of landfill. You never know you made save some money.

Building Material Suppliers  on  Monday, 2nd May 2011  at  07:56

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